Reach-In Closet Design

Reach-in closet systems need to be able to maximize storage space given their limited size. Well thought out custom designed reach-in closets typically take advantage of using double-hang systems to double your usable hanging space in your closet. This is done by having two hanging sections of differing heights.

A well designed reach-in closet also must match your bedroom design aesthetic. With thousands of different finishes, accessories, drawers, shelving, and insert options matching your bedroom decor design and complementing it should not be a problem.

Renovations of existing reach-in closets includes removal of old shelving or wire racks and replacing it with well thought out custom closet systems to fit all your clothing and match your design taste. Wether you are renovating an old reach in closet or need a system put into a new house, we have helped thousands of customers create their perfect reach in closet.

Custom-designed reach-in closets can be tailored to meet any style, budget, or requirement your imagination can think of.