Custom Home Media Centers

Your living room should be the most relaxing place in your house. When you come home from a hard days work the last thing you want to see is an outdated, cluttered, ineffective entertainment center. Contemporary Closet Design can help rid your living room of tangled wires, cluttered cable boxes, misplaced DVD’s, and CD‘s. Let our design consultants tame your TV room with our FREE in home consultation.

Custom, Functional, Elegant – Home Media Center

Lost your remote? Let our design team analyze the challenge that is your media center. Allow your television to function in synchrony with the rest of the room. Technology is fast moving, and our media centers embrace this with their ability to adjust for different uses and situations. Let our state of the art cable management devices conceal the bundles of cables and cords that plague your entertainment center. Highlight the aspects that you want to show with custom integrated display lighting, and store the rest behind beautiful cabinetry. Contemporary Closet Design offers media center solutions in two varieties traditional floor mounted media centers and modern suspended media centers.

Traditional Custom Media Center

You have been searching every furniture outlet for a media center to house your new technology, unfortunately none of them are a correct fit for your living room. Every house is unique as are the people who live in them, a custom built media or entertainment center from Contemporary Closet Design allows for the perfect sizing fit and form for your home. With over a thousand different colors and wood grains, adjustable shelving, and custom drawer units no two media centers are the same.

Modern Suspended Media Center

Suspended or “floating“ media centers offer a super sleek look to your living room. These free floating media centers are created by fixing cabinetry directly to your walls support studs so the form does not compromise any functionality and provides a fresh alternative to the traditional media solutions. If you want your media center to be as sleek and elegant as your apple TV this is the media center you were looking for.