Custom Garage Storage

Garages are often neglected as an integral part of your home, filled with the overflow of belongings that you don’t know where else to put. Contemporary Closet Design will balance out the form and function of your garage to create a custom organized atmosphere.

A Versatile Garage System

Garage systems can be as simple as storage hanging racks for bikes and tools to cabinets, shelves, and work benches built to custom fit your garage. One problem that garages often face is poor use of vertical space. This is why you slowly start to lose more and more ground space in your garage when the boxes start piling up around the holidays, eventually leading to your car losing its parking spot. Your garage will no longer be a place to simply hide holiday organizations. A properly organized closet system will allow you to use your garage space from floor to ceiling.

Contemporary Closet Design Garage Systems

Allow your car to be able to park in its spot again! Contemporary Closet Design’s consultants will reenergize your garage design and more importantly lay the groundwork for you to stay organized for a lifetime. Garages offer one of the largest spectrums of product materials for all types of home organization projects, melamine based shelving and cabinets, aluminum covered workbenches, and industrial pegboards are just some of the more common products.