Custom Laundry Room Cabinetry & Design

Do you avoid your laundry room at all costs? Contemporary Closet Design can transform your old dingy laundry room into a functional workstation. An organized laundry room will bring order and organization to your closets and in turn your whole house. Don’t wear those “I forgot to do laundry” cloths ever again!

A Functional Laundry Room

A functional laundry room will allow you to spend less time doing laundry, and more time living life. Contemporary Closet Design’s team of consultants can help you bring that modern up-to-date look to your laundry room and better utilize your space with smart solutions:

  • Built-in drop down ironing boards
  • Valet rods
  • Integrated hampers
  • Integrated laundry baskets
  • Basket storage solutions

Contemporary Closet Design & Laundry Rooms

Contemporary Closet Design laundry room systems offer innovative solutions to your storage needs allowing you to use every inch of space. Your family needs change, and our adjustable designs will allow you to intelligently evolve your system into an efficient work station.