Custom Closet Design

A custom built closet can bring a cluttered house into harmony. Each Closet is built with the customer in mind; and each customer has differing needs. Closets can be categorized into three different groups, walk-In closets, Reach-In Closets, and Wardrobes. All three closet types contain many of the same components, benefits, and features that a custom closet design will produce, but each are oriented differently and have different limitations.

Walk-In Custom Closets
Walk-in closets are often larger in size and allow for the maximum amount of storage space. Because of the few limitations these closets face their installation will allow for the largest amount of possibilities. Common amenities in a walk-in closet include center islands, jewelry drawers, angled shoe shelving, tie racks, belt racks, and valet rods.

The largest limitation that walk-in closets face is that wall angles often can create limitations in design and overlap problems. An improperly designed walk-in closet will create dead corners that limit space and are aesthetically unappealing. Professional consultation will take full advantage of your closets potential by avoiding the limitations that your closets face and maximizing their structural advantages.

Reach-In Custom Closets
Reach-in closets are often found in children’s or guest’s rooms and are fitted with a single rod or wire-rack system. These units are often inefficient in their use of vertical space and can be transformed by creating two different levels with double hang units, shelving and drawers.

One problem people often run into with reach-in closets is that they experience dead-ends where they cannot use the ends of their closets that are covered by the walls. The design team at Contemporary Closet Design has created a unique method to battle this problem to maximize space when this limitation is present.

Custom Wardrobes
Popular across Europe are wardrobes or armoires which create a closet where walls are absent. At Contemporary Closet Design we can create storage space where empty walls are wasted. This open space storage solution is a quick and inexpensive alternative to creating a built in closet. Contemporary Closet Design consultants will keep your clutter in check behind beautiful custom made doors.